Unable to Login Quicken Mobile App

If you rely on Quicken to manage your personal and professional finance, you must have felt the need for a mobile version. So the wish has become true. Now one can access the Quicken database on your mobile devices. Though, it cannot be considered as compete for the alternative of Quicken for computing device. You can only access data but cannot save store it in your cloud. You can access your Quicken account on your mobile device and check it for any notifications of changes.

To manage your Quicken data files on your mobile device, you must have Quicken mobile app downloaded on your device. Also, proper configuration and synchronization are important to manage your account.

Many of the times, the Quicken mobile app won’t let you access the data or sign-in issues prevent you to get into your account. Here you can find a solution for sign-issues.
If you are planning to try the mobile version of Quicken, make sure you sync it with your desktop first.

Let’s discuss the steps required for appropriate sync process:

Setup mobile sync Desktop first:

For Windows:

• Go to Mobile and alters tab in Quicken software.
• Now select Get started option to select the account you want to sync.

For Mac:

• Open Quicken and select Mobile and alters under Preference Tab.
• Sign in using your Quicken id.
• You can turn on mobile access with the help of toggle switch.

If you are an issue while syncing your mobile device, take care of few things;

• Make sure your device follow system requirements and has the latest OS release.
• Check for the virus and remove there is any. This can cause sign-in issues with Quicken app.

• Wait for a while. There may be a server issue preventing you to log in.
• Make sure your device sufficient space for the app and data files.
• Check your internet connection and try to login after few minutes.
• Uninstall app, boot your device and try to install again.
• If it’s showing password error, recover or change your password first and try to log in again.


If the information provided above is not enough to resolve your dilemma, you can contact Quicken support phone number. The support services for Quicken is available 24X7 to provide an instant solution for all technical and non-technical issues. You can sync your mobile device under the guidance of experts or go for the remote access facility.

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